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Our holed swim paddles reduce joint stress while building strength and feel for the water. Han's Paddles are the most versatile paddles available! They can be used in varying hand positions depending on the stroke and drill.

Position #1

The "normal" position for swimming, pulling, and drills - for power and speed swimming. Recommended in all four strokes. 

Position #2

This reversal of the ends of the paddle changes the paddle position on the hand. The tapered end of the paddle is placed more forward, encouraging the swimmer to press down into the catch position, getting the wrist over the hand and the elbow over the wrist, resulting in a more efficient entry and catch. Recommended in all four strokes as in position #1.

Position #3

This is a special position for backstroke training. This position encourages little-finger entry and a deeper catch. Recommended for backstroke technique training.

There are 2 positions for crawl stroke technique and training and an additional position for special backstroke drills). Two positions enhances the ability of the swimmer to adapt to the "feel" or sense perception of the water on the hand. The swimmer only reverses the position of the paddle on the hand for a simple and quick stroking adjustment. The tapered end frontal position places the paddle further forward on the hand. This changes the "feel" adaptation, and teaches the hand, wrist, elbow order of entry. It also encourages a downward sweep of the hand and high elbow position to continually reach "new" water in the crawl stroke.